Meet Kellsey

Hey there, welcome to my website.
I love sharing my story and listening to yours.

Well, let me go first. 

My early career started in toxicology and after a crazy yet amazing journey of over a decade, I am today a Digital Coach, a Branding Consultant, a serial entrepreneur and a mom of two lovelies. 

Much like you, I have always wanted to do more and find a career filled with passion and purpose. That’s when I landed in Digital Marketing, opening me up to an ocean of opportunities, and helping me build a vast community of like-minded people. 

My success with my family business and later my own made me confident that I can guide others to be successful in building a great brand, running successful online campaigns and leveraging the power of social media to grow. 

If you wish to establish your presence online and grow your brand, tell me your story 🙂 

My story

When I started out digital marketing, I had no idea I would empower so many businesses and lives

I started digital marketing just to help out my parents in their family business. My goal was to enable my parents to deliver value to their community by sharing interesting posts but we were astonished at the way the content started getting so much attention and appreciation. 

What started out as a passion, soon turned into a means for me to add value to a lot of businesses. I ventured into coaching and consulting clients nationwide and soon around the globe. 

But let me tell you that it wasn’t easy. I learnt, experimented, took risks, gained, failed and succeeded eventually. 

It took me a decade, like wow, 10 years to arrive at this blueprint for digital success. Let me help by saving you some serious time, effort and money. 

This is why I have curated the ‘Digital Success’ coaching program so you can steal my secret sauce and build a great brand. 



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