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7 Proven Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs


Habits have often been given a lot of thought and emphasis. Have you ever wondered why that’s the case? 

Well, here’s the reason. 

An individual no matter how talented, smart or fueled with potential, can not achieve success without acing their lifestyle. Success demands consistency and persistence. These two things arise from habits. 


Exercising every day is a habit and it does not sustain if one relies on inspiration or motivation. If one waits to feel motivated every time they want to workout, they are sure to miss several days of workouts in a week. 

There’s no one definition of a ‘successful entrepreneur’. Nevertheless, no matter what success looks like to you, here are 7 proven habits of Successful Entrepreneurs that can help you attain the kind of success you are looking for. 

7 Proven Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs 

They sleep; they sleep well
Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs: Prioritizing Quality Slee

It is quite ironic to be starting with sleep but that’s that. Most entrepreneurs ignore getting quality sleep and indulge in their work like there’s no tomorrow. Remember that business is a marathon and not a sprint. Be sure to get some good sleep every night and feel fresh when you wake up. 

Well, why are we considering this a habit? 

Great question. 

Sleeping on time regularly has certain aspects attached to it. For example, having dinner at least 3 hours before you sleep. Distancing from gadgets at least 30 minutes before you hit the bed or making sure that you have a fixed time to sleep and wake up every day. 

You could be a night owl or a chirpy early bird. The point I am trying to make is that quality of sleep is important. When you sleep and how you juggle your day is up to you. But having a good routine sets everything, well, almost everything right, in the long run. 

They consume 

Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs: Knowledge Consumption

What do they consume? I’m getting there… 

A little backstory. I wanted to write that “They read”. But this is no longer the story of the world we live in. We live in a multimedia world where knowledge can be consumed in terms of books, newspapers, e-papers, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, nugget-based content and pretty much any format we wish. 

Yes, successful entrepreneurs do read. 

But, this indicates that they are open to consuming knowledge and it is not just restricted to reading these days. A lot of you could be fast-paced and too bored to read. That’s absolutely okay. 

Explore the forms of content that interest you and invest time into acquiring as much knowledge as possible. 

Money honey 

Successful entrepreneurs are successful as they are great at managing their income and expenses. Wealth management or money management may come to some naturally and may not come to some with ease. That is why it is important to understand how good you are at managing your finances and learn how to do it effectively if you aren’t. 

This refers to both personal assets and business assets. Again, money management is a conscious habits of successful entrepreneurs developed with time and comes by having a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s finances. 

They listen

Successful Entrepreneurs' Habits: Active Listening

By listening I mean having an ear out to understand what problems people are facing and how you can solve them. It is about listening to what people have to say about your brand. These people could be your employees, prospects, customers and even your vendors. 

It is too tempting to go around and throw ideas at people when we feel like it. But, when we make our stakeholders an active part of our decision-making process, growth becomes deep-rooted. This involves a great deal of listening on a daily basis. 

They are optimistic 

Successful Entrepreneurs: Embracing Optimism

Being optimistic is a habit. 

Not everything goes our way all the time. If you are an entrepreneur, add some background score for a cinematic effect on that line. If you are not faced with new challenges and barriers frequently, it means that you are not growing enough. 

The mindset with which you deal with these challenges defines the growth you may achieve. Practicing gratitude or writing a gratitude journal can help you stay optimistic. Make it an everyday habit to acknowledge that 5 things or 10 things that you are grateful for. Either say it aloud or write it down, do what works for you. 

The other way to be optimistic in the face of adversity is to understand, accept and respond. When we are positive and calm, we would respond to a challenge and not react to it. Our thoughts and decisions are guided by our wisdom and not what happens to us in the heat of the moment. 

They are proactive

Successful Entrepreneurs: Embracing Proactiveness

Proactiveness is an underrated habit. One may also call it a mindset. 

Most successful entrepreneurs are a step ahead of others. It means that they are habituated to anticipating and planning. Being proactive encompasses being watchful of future needs, planning for it and being proactive in taking a challenge head-on. 

They are also proactive in setting goals for themselves, the company and even personal life goals. That’s because they know that if they don’t grow, no one would ask them to or help them. 

They are master executors 

Skilled Executors

Planning is a great skill but execution is a greater habit. Did you know that an average person has over 6000 thoughts in a day? This could be ideas, plans, emotions and a whole range of things. 

In between all this, one must master the skill and habit of execution. 

Simple examples? 

New year resolutions 

5-year plans 

21-day plans 

They look amazing on paper, right? Well, it won’t work if you don’t work for it. Making execution a habit can ensure that your productivity and efficiency increase at a steady rate. You learn to do more with less time and master your energy well. 

Parting note: 

No habits are formed overnight. It takes a lot of time, effort and conscious thinking to form habits of successful entrepreneurs and sustain them. Take it one step at a time, baby steps, even if you need to. 

Sustaining a habit is of greater importance than forming all possible habits that you can.